Currently Available Interment Sites

Herein are descriptions of the various interment spaces currently available or in development. The Board of Managers of Oak Hill Cemetery has carefully developed these spaces to preserve the garden-like beauty of the Cemetery while complementing the architecture of the monuments and mausoleums. Please click on these title links to download a pdf of a brochure specific to these sites.

Family Mausoleum, Pathway and Lawn Casket Crypts. These crypts provide single and double casket spaces.  Stone memorials can be custom designed for each site.

Single and Double Urn Cremation Sites. These crypts are located throughout the cemetery under pathways, on sides of stairways and in a lawn area. Inscriptions are placed on covering stones on pathways and markers on lawn.

Willow Columbarium . Our newly designed cremation site allows 2 urns to be interred in niches that line the interior walls of this structure.  Inscriptions are placed on the covering lid.

For more information and current prices, please contact the cemetery office.

Burial Records

We have posted online an index to our burial records, along with tombstone inscriptions and lot and section maps. As of January 2010, we have completed Phase I to include the posting of all data previously published in book form. We now continue Phase II to add burial data since 2007. Check back periodically to see our progress!

Rev. January 10, 2011, Wesley E. Pippenger

Lawn Casket Crypts
Single and Double Urn Cremation Sites located throughout cemetery.
Willow Columbarium offering Cremation Niches.