Pathway Crypts
As Captain de la Roche’s mid-nineteenth century pathways are being renovated and restored, double and single crypts for casket interments will be installed underground. Each waterproof concrete crypt will be covered with a layer of sand and mortar to support the stone walkway until the final interment occurs. After the final interment, the sand and mortar mix will be replaced with reinforced concrete which will provide permanent security. The end result will be a completed underground fully sealed crypt. Each crypt will be covered with 5 sections of black granite pavers which will serve as a ledger stone. Purchasers are offered the choice of using either one or three of the granite pavers measuring 18” X 4’ for memorialization. Both the double-depth and single crypts will eventually be made available throughout the Cemetery.

In addition to the crypts mentioned above, we have designed cremation niches under the pathway similar to terraced niches.  We offer niches for single and double urn interments.  The single urn interment niche is covered with a black granite memorial measuring 18” x 24”.  Double niches for 2 urn interments are covered with a black granite memorial measuring 18” x 4’.

The urn crypts are designed to hold up to 8 urns.  The black granite memorial measuring 18 inches by 4 feet can contain 6 to 8 names depending on the length of the family name.