Terraced Niches
Niches for urns were carefully designed to preserve the aesthetics of the Cemetery. The first phase of construction was completed in the form of a stairway descending the hill below the small Roman temple which stands as a memorial to the Cemetery’s founder W.W. Corcoran. The descending terraces are being landscaped to emphasize the Cemetery’s natural style of gardening. The terraced niches are constructed within available space set aside for stairways or added in areas where there are presently no stairways. Each riser may be divided into niches to accommodate two urns. Size of niches may vary from 2’ in width containing one niche for two urns or up to 4’ containing two separate niches each capable of holding two urns. Each niche is closed with an inner slate security seal and covered with granite. Personalized memorials may be inscribed on these 4” thick granite covers. Side walls are constructed of natural fieldstone with either slate or granite coping.

Private family urn niches are available throughout the Cemetery in areas where the terraces can accommodate smaller custom designs. Private family urn niches are designed jointly by the family and the Cemetery, and the Cemetery will construct the private family urn niches according to the agreed upon plan. Several such private sites are available for viewing upon request.